Monday, March 25, 2013

Visiting Milwaukee

Back in October, Julie and I took a little roadtrip over to Milwaukee to visit Meghan!
I loved seeing her apartment (with furniture in it) and just taking the time to explore the city.
Megs and I both get lonely out here at school so its nice to know that we are only a (six hour) roadtrip away from each other.
Just chillin in Megs apartment. We watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen one night. I only remember this because I loved that movie so much. 

We went to some biodomes! Who knew those were actually real. I felt like I was in a Polly Shore movie!

And of course visited Marquette University. Had to get the tour!

I even got to see my first great lake!

 And we had dinner at the restaurant that is in Miller Field. 

 Jules and I even went on a little hike at a rest stop on our way home. 

It was just the best to explore a new city with some wonderful people. It was also before school got too crazy so that is always a bonus. 

Holiday Travels

I had the pleasure of spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas in Detroit with Meghan's incredible family. Jules came for Thanksgiving as well. I had so much fun!
Christmas was full of tons of laying in front of the fire and reading several books. I loved being in such a beautiful home with a fantastic family.

Also, when I was in Detroit with Meghan for Christmas we took a little trip down to Jules' hometown of Vermilion, OH!

While in Vermilion, Drew was home in Ohio for the holidays and came up to see me! I am the luckiest girl around!